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Wall Covering

The exterior wall skin consisting of panels or sheets and their attachments, trims and weather sealants.


That portion of a structural member between the flanges.

Web Member

A structural member vertically or diagonally interposed between the top and bottom chords of a truss.

Wheel Base

The distance between the two wheels of a crane along the crane beam.

Wheel Load

The maximum load, which is transferred through the wheels of a crane to a crane beam.

Width Extension

A Lean-To connected at the sidewall of a main building and having a roof with the same slope and level of the main building. See Lean-To.

Wind Column

A vertical member supporting a wall system designed to withstand horizontal wind loads usually at endwalls.

Wind Bent

See Portal Frame.

Wind Load

A loading representing the pressure exerted on a structure by a given wind velocity. A load caused by the wind blowing from any horizontal direction.

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