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Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors

25 years of experience in manufacturing Bi-Fold doors. Very likely, more Bi-Fold doors across America than any other manufacturer.
Schweiss uses only experienced installers who are authorized representatives for both installation and maintenance.
Upgrade Equipment and Accessories. Many upgrade features offered by Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors are optional, but it is strongly recommended that upgrade equipment be used on every Bi-Fold Door.
Refer to the
Customer Satisfaction. Our Spec Sheets detail how your endwall should be prepared to withstand the extra weights and movements your Bi-Fold Door puts on your building endwall.

All our doors are custom made. We build each door to fit your clear opening without using up any existing headroom. There are no odd size doors.

Lose No Headroom with a Bifold

SIZE OF DOOR - Clear Open Width & Height
Hanger door with door in up position, shall have a minimum clear opening width of ( ) feet a minimum clear height of ( ) above finished floor elevation.

Doors for this project will consist of ( ) bi-fold door

Normal lead time is 2 to 3 weeks from the day the order is placed. Call factory for exact shipping dates.

We will work with your architects, contractors and building suppliers to make sure the door you order will fit your clear opening and building. We will answer your questions and assist you with shop drawings to make sure that your "Automatic Bi-fold" door will fit your new or existing building. Available are the door weights, loadings, hinge locations, specs and fine details.


* Adapts to any building large or small.
* Lose no headroom.
* Larger opening for less money.
* Can be tightly insulated to save energy.
* Our door will not bow or sag in a few years.
* Opens electrically - easy to operate - no more tugging or pulling on those old sliding doors.
* Less moving parts - smooth running door - it's built to work.
* Snow and ice will not bother - seals snug & tight.
* Easy and simple to install. (Installation Kit is available.)
* Our Bi-Fold doors will work and work and work!!


* We can insulate your Bi-Fold.
* We can line the inside of the door.
* We can seal your door weather tight.
* We can open the entire endwall.
* We can get the most out of your building.

The bi-fold hangar doors can be designed to the same loading requirements for live, dead and wind loads as the hangar building, to resist all anticipated loads without sagging, bowing or conflicting with its smooth and efficient operation. Your door design can be approved and sealed by a professional engineer registered in the state where the project is located with the proper wind loading and exposure.
The Customer, Contractor, Owner or Building Manufacturer
When your Bi-Fold Door is in the full open position, the Bi-Fold Door tends to pull away from the building at the hinge line, exerting considerable horizontal loads on the building structure in the open position. Your building header design must meet standard deflection and strength criteria, both in vertical and horizontal directions to support the Bi-Fold Door in all positions.


* The building header shall be designed to accommodate horizontal and vertical building deflections to support the bi-fold door in all positions (with the proper lateral bracing)
* The buildings door columns must be framed of the proper design and size to reinforce the opening (with lateral bracing )and to carry all loads and vibrations imposed thereon.
* Schweiss provides the A-1 , A-2 , A-3 Spec's Sheets : Read through & understand them and have your building designed for our door.
* The Bi-fold should have solid footing / sill directly underneath the door frame and extending beyond the door frame outward from the door to provide a base for the door's base weather seal also prevent.flow of water (into or Under) the door installation.
* The finished floor / asphalt of the building should be designed to prevent flow of water (into or Under) the door installation , Sills shall have a slight slope outward of the bi-fold door to prevent.flow of water under the door installation.

GENERAL / ELECTRICAL DESIGN CRITERIA - For each installation Customer - Electrician Must Do The Following:

* Must select the Type of Electrical Service - Used to Power the Bi-fold door system
* Must provide proper voltage & electrical service to our bi-fold door
* Must provide proper wire from the service panel to the up-down-stop switch on our door
* Must provide proper circuit breaker in the service panel
* Electrical Components placed on the door must meet the requirements of the N.E. C. section 5


"In the past year I have built several hangars. I have tried home-built doors and Stack Doors but was always intimidated by the complexity of your doors. What a mistake! On the last two I built I used your doors with the Lift Strap option. I´ll never use anyone else´s doors again. Ordering was a breeze. The doors even came early. The communication between you , the trucking company and myself was better than promised. The driver called with an expected arrival time and was right on time. From there, things only got better. The explicit installation manuals are the most complete and accurate set of directions I have ever seen. The doors attached to the free-standing headers exactly as shown; the hardware package was complete; the motor attachment, strap rigging and adjustment only took a couple of hours ; measurements and recommended parts list for the skins was perfect. And, best of all, they work wonderfully! Thanks for a great product. It is so much easier to push the plane in without a bottom track. When the wind blows, the doors don?t even move. The care and attention to detail during the manufacturing process is obvious. A special thanks to whomever wrote the installation manuals- great job. Bill White Logan, Ut"
BIll White, Utah

"In building my 60'W X 40'D Wautoma, WI summer hangar, the one bright spot was dealing with and then using my Schweiss autolock remote door. I cannot say enough good things - either about Schweiss and their service OR the way the door operates. Being able to remotely command the door open and then taxi right in is an unbelievable experience! Every airplane owner ought to experience THAT. AND ... in physically comparing the Schweiss door to several of the competition ON the Y50 airport, the difference is immediately visible...even if you aren't a 'rocket scientist!' Folks...BUT A SCHWEISS won't be sorry ... PROMISE!! I will buy another...thats for sure. Dave, Mike, Julie ... THANK YOU! LARRY STENCEL Palm Coast, FL"
Larry Stencel, Wautoma, WI (Y50)

"We purchased your bi-fold door (45 ft by 17 ft) for our sandblast and welding shop. The door was custom built for air intake louvers. We also went with the straps. The Schweiss representative from Yakima came to Wenatchee to inspect the installation prior to its first operation. We did the installation and it went perfect with no issues or adjustments. Thank you, Schweiss, for a great product! John Shimek Construction Manager Chelan County PUD Wenatchee, WA 98801 "
John Shimek, Washington

Bifold door bottom drive strapsBottom Drive-Strap

Bifold door bottom drive cablesBottom Drive-Cable

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