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About Metal Building Depot specialty items and features?

Safety Drop Bottom Brackets are available that will stop the door from falling in the unlikely event of cable failure. These safety drop bottom brackets are available for high-lift and vertical lift doors with either 2" or 3" track. Not available for low headroom applications, and not recommended for standard lift applications.

High Wind Resistance: Certain regions of the country, especially coastal areas, have building code requirements that call for doors to withstand higher windloads. Metal Building Depot has doors to accommodate a variety of different windload requirements. These doors are listed with SBBCI, Texas Department of Insurance, Dade County Florida windload and others.

Pass Door: For sectional doors that have a lot of pedestrian traffic, a pass door option is available on some models. The pass door allows for pedestrian travel through the door while the sectional door is closed, without raising and lowering it.

Full vision aluminum sections are available on most models and painted to match the color of the door. These sections are available with numerous glass and plexiglass options.

Removable Center Mullions: For openings that are wider than standard door width, consider using a carry-away, or roll-away, or swing-up mullion that enables the use of (2) two or more doors to fill one opening.

Insulation: To SAVE energy, many sectional doors are equipped with insulation, with R-Values up to 17.2 calculated, 7.57 tested (installed).

R-Value Chart
Thickness R-Value
Insulated 2" 7.1
Sandwich Polystyrene 1 3/8 " 6.5
Sandwich Polystyrene 2.0" 9.0
Sandwich Polystyrene 3.0" 13.2
Sandwich Polyurethane 1 1/2" 12.9
Sandwich Polyurethane 1 3/4" 15.05
Sandwich Polyurethane 2" 17.2

Section reinforcement: Larger size doors may require additional reinforcing struts to add strength to the door.

Window lites available: For visibility without going to a full vision aluminum section, sectional doors are available with window lites of various sizes. Sizes available are 24" x 6" and 24" x 12" for ribbed steel doors; 24" x 8", 28" x 14" and 40" x 14" for polystyrene sandwich products; 24" x 8", 24" x 12" for polyurethane sandwich products; and 20" x 12" for Metal Building Depot raised panel doors.

Outside keyed locks are available. Interlock switches should be used if doors are specified with a keyed lock and an electric opener. Additional reinforcement may be required on the top section of the door for trolley-type operator. As a general rule, doors for openings with wood jambs should be the same width as the opening. Doors for openings with steel jambs should be 2" wider than opening.

Break-away bottom section: For areas of high traffic and the possibility of the door being struck, a break away bottom section is available. This section can be hit and reset in seconds maintaining the function of the door and the integrity of the building.

Create-a-Sign Full Vision: Where space is an issue and a sectional door has road frontage, the create-a-sign full vision section provides and economical and efficient means to identify or advertise a business.

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