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Storage of Laminated Fiberglass

Recommended Storage Procedure for Laminated Fiberglass
All packages should be elevated above the ground or slab, away from the walls, and stored on a flat surface. This helps prevent contact with water and allows air to circulate in and around the insulation. Please exercise care in handling, since the vapor barriers tend to be damaged during storage. Weather permitting, packages may be left uncovered during the day, but should be protected at night with a polyethylene film, canvas or other type of covering.
Insulation Labels (Roof, Sidewall or Endwall)
Tags are used to indicate length, width and thickness (R-Value) of each roll. These tags also tell you if any cuts need to be made. We suggest that all rolls be sorted according to placement.

Heavy-duty polyethylene packaging guards are used to provide protection against handling damage and the elements. If installation is ever delayed, be sure to open the wrapper ends to allow for circulation, and store the insulation in a well lit, dry, protected area.

As a leader in the metal building industry, we take special care to ensure that every order meets your specifications, including delivery. Please inspect all materials when they arrive. In case of a shortage or damage, we ask that you please make a notation on the shipping papers and contact us as soon as possible.

NOTE: The easiest way to avoid damaging the insulation is to arrange delivery so that it can be installed as soon as it arrives.


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