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For most people a steel building purchase is a "once in a lifetime" event. It is important that buyers find out as much about the merchandise as possible. We offer you some general suggestions about working with metal building companies. If you are uncertain about something or have a question, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Budgeting your project
When preparing your budget, it is essential to reflect on the overall cost of the project. Even on small jobs, the cost of the building materials usually represents less than half of the total cost. Our price includes the design, the drawings, and the materials to complete the actual steel building itself, and does not include anchor bolts, the foundation or erection or other construction. The entire cost of your project will depend on how much additional work is required to complete it as planned. Adding "build-out" items such as sheetrock, plumbing and electrical are only a small part of the total cost.

Building Permits
Prior to purchasing a new steel building, it is essential that you find out all permitting and code requirements. Before committing to a price, it is your responsibility to contact your local building official and secure a building permit for your project.

Please obtain answers to the following questions:
What is the building code?
What are the design loads?
Will you need to submit Engineer stamped structural drawings?
Will you need to submit Engineer stamped foundation drawings?
Will you need to submit design calculations?
Will you need to obtain approval from zoning or community planning commission?

It is almost impossible get an accurate price without accurate code/design information. The building design is based upon the building code and design loads. The building price will change depending on code and load requirements. If your building is ordered with the wrong design specifications, you could be faced with a costly re-design. Some areas fall under the authority of a zoning board and/or planning commission, and could have supplementary requirements. Please be sure that all code and design information is correct.

Your new steel building will require a foundation or footings to anchor or tie the columns to. Sometimes farm and agricultural buildings are designed to have dirt floors and require a design other than a full cement slab. Some people elect to use a "perimeter only" beam or footings such as drilled piers that require no interior slab. In any case it is our recommendation that you employ an experienced foundation engineer to design it. These services are available from our engineers for an additional fee - please contact a customer service representative or click here for more details. All our drawings come standard with an anchor-bolt setting plan, which includes column reactions that provides an engineer the necessary data to design a suitable foundation for your building.

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