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Design it Online

Design it how you want it.
Our user-friendly system allows you create your own steel building exactly as you want it. You select the dimensions - right down to the inch. Our feature rich system allows you to add the options you want, while providing you with a wealth of product information. You can change your specifications, or remove undesired options at any time. You can research unlimited pricing configurations all from the comfort of your home or office - without the high-pressure tactics common to the industry.

Our system will ensure that you choose options that will work in conjunction with your selections. Our online design and pricing system will yield unlimited design combinations. We are continuously adding new functionality and expanding your building options. You can view design loads at step one of the building entry. If you require different design loads our system allows you to adjust building variables such as wind, snow and seismic loads.

1: Enter your zip code
Our system always gives you delivered prices, so we require your jobsite location to calculate freight. We do not add profit to freight, so all you pay is the actual cost.

2: Choose building code and design loads
Your zip code allows us to post your suggested building code. Some geographic regions may have variable loads within a zip code - Be sure to confirm your building code requirements. If you know your code requirements or simply just want to have a stronger building - you may adjust the loads accordingly. We engineer each building to meet or exceed specific design loads as described on your building quote/contract. The buyer is responsible for specifying the code and loads. Please contact your local building departments to confirm your specific requirements are met.

3: Choose Engineering Requirements
You can select "NO Engineering required" if you are in an area that does not require permits or specific engineering requirements. For an additional charge, we will provide drawings stamped by an engineer licensed in the state where the building is to be located. Or, you can choose stamped drawings with design calculations. Your permit office may require certified drawings. If you have additional requirements, such as foundation engineering or large format drawings, please contact a customer service representative to discuss your options. You can view sample drawings in our media library.

4: Building Entry

  1. Select the Building Type - Fully Sheeted or Roof Only
  2. Select the Frame Type - Clear Span or Modular
  3. Select the Building Profile - Gable, Offset Peak (unsymmetrical) or Single Slope
  4. Enter the Building Width
  5. Enter the Building Length
  6. Enter the Building Height
  7. Select the Roof Pitch
  8. Select the Base Condition

5: Building configuration
Once you have entered required information, our system develops a building based on the users design configuration. This screen reports the sidewall and endwall bay spacing, length width and height.
6: Select endwall options
  1. Select standard, inset or open endwall condition
7: Framed openings
  1. Select framed opening option
  2. If selected, choose framed opening locations by following on screen prompts.
Selecting framed openings
We factory-locate all framed openings for an easy bolt-up assembly with no field alterations required. To specify an opening, select the wall and bay where you want it and enter its size (use the "remove door" option to remove an opening). You can locate the opening between the columns in that bay. Our system can handle most situations including two doors in one bay, but in some instances you may need to request a special quote if you are unable to specify the size or location you want.

Options: Choose door models
Once you have added a framed opening to your building, you will be prompted to enter "no door" or select from our inventory of doors. Our system will not allow you to order the wrong size door for a framed opening. We offer a wide selection of top name-brand commercial and industrial doors. Note: we cannot guarantee that a given opening will have sufficient clearance to install a door we do not supply. If you plan to buy doors from an outside vendor, please check with us first for accurate clearances.

8: Building Options
Once you have entered the required building entry screens, in the next steps you will be able to choose a range of choices that will allow you to add building options to your building's current design. By choosing desired options you may outfit your building with numerous features and accessories. A new screen will appear following the framed opening screen with each link directing you to a different set of design options.

Optional: Building accessories
This section allows you to add useful products and features to your steel building.
Gable and Eave Roof Extensions
Gutters and Downspouts
Jamb Cover Trim
Interior Liner Panels
Walk Doors
Light Transmitting Panels (skylights)
Roof Jacks

Optional: Insulation
You can add two types of insulation to your steel building - fiberglass and reflective foil. You can choose from numerous grades, amounts, and options, and our system will calculate the required amount for the building you have designed.

9: Color Selection
The Final step is the color selection page. After choosing the desired accessories and options the next screen will allow you to select your building colors. Once you have selected the desired colors for your building click the "next step" button to calculate the final price. Upon viewing the quote sheet, you can click the "Save" button to store the quote you're working on in your online account so you can view or purchase it later.

Optional: Pick Colors
Your base building price includes PBR roof panels and a sculptured trim package -- both in your choice of colors -- From the "Choose Color" section, you can select your wall and trim colors, or substitute an architectural standing seam profile for your roof panels. To help you visualize, a sample building changes color to match your choices.

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