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Before You Buy
A 30'x30' Building
Before you order your steel building, please understand that it is not an existing item. We will engineer and fabricate a custom building to your specifications. At Metal Building Depot our design, engineering and fabrication process moves quickly. Once your order is in process, making changes become progressively more difficult and costly, and in the forward stages unfeasible. Please take the time you need to obtain the information required, make your final selections, and confirm with your building inspector that all building codes will be met - before you move forward.
Contracts and Deposits
When you click the "Purchase Now" button at the bottom of your quote and the "I agree" button below our terms and conditions, you are legally executing a binding contract via electronic signature and are establishing the basis for a contract between yourself and Metal Building Depot. This contract becomes valid when we receive your engineering/drawing deposit. Our contract forms are signed by a company principal and returned to you. We require a down payment of 25% of the total purchase price. Although referred to as a "deposit," the payment is a fee for the engineering and drafting services required prior to the fabrication of your steel building as well as to prepare and print your plans. The fee is non-refundable.

Deposit Payment Method
You can pay your 25% deposit online with a credit card (MasterCard, Visa or Discover), or you can mail a check. If you pay online by credit card, you lock in the price, (provided you do not delay the order) and we start processing your order immediately. We utilize the most advanced data security systems available for online purchases. If you choose to pay by check your order will be "on hold" until we receive the deposit. Please note that price quotes are not guaranteed for any specific time period and that we may cancel or modify any order we have not yet received payment on. Occasionally, people request to make payment for the total building price by credit card. Because of our low margin of profit per sale, we cannot honor these requests, as the transaction fees for credit cards are exceedingly high. You must pay the balance due by bank cashier's check only when the building is delivered - without exception. The driver will not un-strap the load until receiving a cashier's check for the entire balance due.

You will be notified of the delivery date as soon as possible. Please be aware that we will not promise ahead of time that we can meet an exact date requested for delivery. Extenuating circumstances can potentially delay your project. We do not except delivery delays, please contact us before placing your order. Should you delay delivery for any reason, we will try to accommodate you - but you may be responsible for "holding" or "storage" fees. Please read the terms and conditions for more details.

Fabrication Status
Fabrication begins some time after the approval package is received. So if "permit drawings" are required as part of your permit application, you must notify us in advance to place the order on permit hold. We will prepare your permit drawings as soon as we receive your deposit and will not fabricate your building until you notify us that you have your permits in hand. WARNING: permit-hold orders are subject to any cost increases that incur after the date the order is placed.

Pricing Policy
Typically a steel building manufacturer requires its customers to pay a deposit and sign a contract that does not bind that company until one of its officers countersigns it. Although we allow you to contract online, we have a second layer of protection for our customers. Even though we are confident our design system is going to provide you with exactly the building you want - we feel it is imperative that you see the actual building plans before we commence fabrication. This insures that you are getting exactly what you want and need. Without you having the chance to inspect the plans and specifications, we cannot, in good conscience, bind you to a contract for something you are not completely sure of. This is precisely why we require you to sign off on approval drawings prior to fabrication. All of this is in place to protect you - our valued customer. Metal Building Depot is the only company that allows you purchase online - and have a chance to review and revise the project drawings and specifications - before being bound to a design created online. Unless you request changes, we do not re-price or renegotiate our contracts. We do have provision for terminating a contract should there be a pricing error due to programming or electronic malfunction. To date, with over 60,000 online quotes, we have never terminated a contract.

Prior to delivery of your steel building, there are several things you can do to make your project a success. First, please make sure we have a contact phone numbers where you can be reached at during the day, and the correct shipping address is on all contract documents. Please provide us with any additional directions needed to find it. We will call you about one week prior to the delivery date to confirm the details.

Your Drawing Package
Typically a few days after we receive your deposit, you will receive an approval package that contains your erection drawings. These drawings are the absolute guide for your particular building, and your erector should study and follow them carefully. Included in your drawing package will be an anchor-bolt plan with column reactions. Your foundation engineer will use the column reactions to design an appropriate foundation for your building. Only the final set of "FOR CONSTRUCTION" plans that we create after we have received your signed approval drawings should be used for setting forms or anchor bolts. Do not use any other plans to pour a slab and set bolts. Your steel building erection manual will include information about unloading, inventorying, and storing your building.

The Delivery Schedule
Depending on the size of your steel building, one or more large trucks with 40+ foot trailers will deliver your materials to the jobsite. These vehicles must have safe and reasonable access to and from your job site. Please make sure the route is clear and can withstand heavy loads. We will make every effort to deliver your building on schedule, but bad weather, poor road conditions, or other unforeseen circumstances can cause delays. Metal Building Depot is not responsible for any expenses ensuing from delays.

You must pay your balance due in full by cashier's check when your steel building arrives. No other form or amount of payment will be accepted. You are required to make only this one payment when the building arrives on your jobsite. Other shipments for accessories that arrive before or after the building will not require a separate check; you only pay upon delivery of the building.

Unloading and Equipment
You are responsible for unloading your building. You must have a forklift or other means of safely unloading the building components. Please be aware that due to insurance reasons, our drivers cannot help or assist in the unloading of building components. Additionally the driver will not allow hand unloading. The time limit for unloading your steel building components is 1.5 hours. If the driver is held up for any reason for longer than 1.5 hrs, you will be charges $50.00 per hour for the time the driver is waiting. Some bundles may weigh as much as 3000 lbs., so you will need some lifting equipment like a telescoping forklift, boom truck, or crane.

You must inventory your parts as you unload them. It is your responsibility to report shortages and damage immediately. If possible, check off each item as you remove it, and note missing and/or damaged goods on the bill of lading before signing it. You have five days to report "concealed" damage to items in sealed boxes or containers. We will reject shortage or damage claims made more than five days after delivery, as we cannot be insure jobsite security.

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