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Letter from Our Founder

Hello Friends,

As always I would like to first thank you, our valued customer - for your business, trust and consideration. Shopping online in certainly nothing new but we'll all admit we aren't selling iPods. Though in many ways metal buildings have become a commodity product, there is much more to be aware of when making a purchase.

December 31, 2008 was my last day to walk the hallways, hear my name called on the intercom, or talk to a customer (I have to admit I still communicate with some old friends and customers in the business). Watching a business grow into something more than I could ever imagine - it is something special. I have no children so I guess in many ways this business was like a child to me. I wanted to see it grow up, do well, go to college - be successful and have a good life. But, the last year or so hasn't been so kind to the industry. The economy has shredded the hopes of many and I have seen the doors close in businesses that were once strong and thriving. It is hard out there for everyone.

I want to tell you how proud I am of the people who gave their heart and soul to this business. They are the reason is still standing today. They are the few who never quit, never knew how to quit, or just believed in their hearts that they were part of something great. And they are. My heart breaks at the thought of seeing the market get worse; I don't know much more this industry can take.

In these difficult times I see the mentality of people change. Some are more concerned than ever, others know it will pass and they will be stronger for having surviving it. I hear about all the lawsuits, everyone suing everyone for any reason, but mostly I just hear of the unjust actions of those people with the "lottery" mindset where they think they can leverage against a company that will just "pay up" to make some nuisance lawsuit go away. In my years I have seen a few cases come and go, but we always prevailed. I see other companies not so fortunate. I wonder how those people got that way - was life really so bad to them that they only know how to abuse this broken, corrupt legal system to enrich themselves with unclean hands? I hate that my thoughts today are about things so negative, but I have seen things turn so sour I can't really hold back. As times get tough, people get rotten and it is truly very sad.

Let me tell you the good news. as a company isn't going anywhere. We have entertained acquisitions, mergers and the like, and while perhaps the banks aren't lending, there are certainly companies out there who recognize the value of what this company stands for. The brand is strong and will remain for my lifetime and yours. Things will have to change, and we have all come to terms with that, but as they say... that's the way the ball bounces. We are calling in for reinforcements. We have reached that time.

I can promise you the philosophy will not change, and though I am not present now, I will be again in the near future. will not have a new face, nor will its philosophies change.'s core values will never change - no matter who the shareholders may be. I can tell you as much because the parties interested in the future of have asked me to lead, and I only promised to follow. The current management has proven to be more effective, productive, caring and concerned than ever and I will not change that. I will not be the CEO, or the President. Chairman, janitor, cook, whatever as long as my job is the job where I just help make sure people are continuing to do the right thing.

I have been contracted to oversee all negotiations, and participate in the voting of what will be our next chapter. I am honored and blessed to still feel a part of such a wonderful company. Thank you to all who have invested your beliefs in me, and I promise I will work hard to make you proud. I am looking forward to seeing a great turn-around in 2010.

God Bless you all, and good luck.


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