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A piece of roof or wall sheeting. See also Sheeting.

Parapet Wall

That portion of the vertical wall which extends above the roof line at the intersection of the wall and roof.

Part Mark

A number physically marked on a piece or packing that identifies each component of the building for erection and shipping purposes.


A non-load bearing interior dividing wall. It can sustain its own weight but does not support the ceiling or roof and is designed to withstand a maximum lateral load of 0.25 kN/m?


The uppermost point of a gable. Also called Peak Point or Ridge Point.

Peak Panel

Also known as Ridge Panel. Used to link and weather-seal roof panels on opposing slopes.

Peak Sign

A sign attached to the peak of the building at the endwall showing the name of the manufacturer of the building. Also called Ridge Sign.

Personnel Door

An access door.


A concrete structure designed to transfer the vertical load from the column base to the footing.

Pilot Door

A small access door within one leaf of a sliding door. Also called Wicket Door.

Pin Connection

A connection designed to transfer the axial and shear forces between connecting members, but not moment forces.

Pinned Base

A column base that is designed to resist horizontal and vertical movement, but not rotation.

Pipe Flashing

Used in sealing roof penetrations.

Pitch (Hole)

Distance between centerlines of holes along longitudinal axis of plate.

Pitch (Roof)

Slope of the roof


Details of a building as viewed from the top.

Pop Rivet

Used for joining flashing and light gauge metal trims. See also Blind Rivet.

Portal Frame

Column and beam bracing used in lieu of standard diagonal cable bracing to provide clear access.

Post-and-Beam Endwall

A system of endwall framing consisting of vertical columns (posts), with pinned ends, which support rafters (beams). These posts and beams are normally light members made from cold-formed sections.


To design and detail components beforehand.


To fabricate parts in the shop beforehand. To manufacture standard sections that can be rapidly assembled.

Primary Framing

The main load carrying members of a structural system, generally the columns, rafters, and/or other main support members.

Primer Paint

The initial coat of paint applied in the shop to the structural framing of a building for protection against aggressive environmental conditions during shipping and erection.


A horizontal secondary structural member, bolted to the rafters, which transfers the roof loads from the roof covering to the primary frames.

Purlin Extension

A projecting secondary member used in roof extensions at the endwall.

Purlin Line

The line joining the extreme outer, or exterior, edges of the purlins parallel to the frames.

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