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C Section

A member formed into a "C" shaped profile by cold roll forming from coils.

Cable Catch Assembly

The operating handle used to open and close the ridge ventilator.


Used for cable bracing. Can also be used to operate ridge vent dampers and for temporary bracing. See Brace Cables.


A projecting beam that is supported and restrained at one end only.


An overhanging or projecting roof structure, below the eave level, supported at one end only.

Cap Plate

A plate located at the top of a column or end of a beam. Also referred to as End Plate.

Capillary Action

The action of water rising to a higher level.


A narrow walkway used to provide access to mechanical equipment normally supported on roof platforms.


A sealant used in making watertight joints.

Channel (Hot Rolled)

A member formed, while in a semi-molten state at the steel mill, into a "C" shaped profile having standard dimensions and properties specified by a relevant standard specification.

Checkered Plate

Flat hot rolled plate with raised checkered design to prevent slipping; used for industrial equipment platforms, catwalks, stair treads, etc.

Clear Height

The vertical dimension from the finished floor level to the lowest underside point of the rafter.

Clear Span

A building without internal columns.


A plate or angle used to fasten two or more members together.


Mechanical device, usually attached to a hinged door, which automatically closes the door.

Closure Strip

Purpose-made foam fillers to fit inside and outside profiles of roof and wall panels providing a weather-tight seal. Also known as Foam Closure.


A roll of steel sheet or wire.

Cold-Formed Member

A light gauge structural member produced from coiled steel stock running through a series of rolls at normal room temperatures.

Collateral Load

The static load other than the basic design loads such as sprinklers, mechanical and electrical systems, ceilings, etc.


A vertical structural member used in a building to transfer loads from the main roof beams, trusses or rafters to the foundation.


An independent part of an assembly.

Concrete Notch

A rebate or notch formed along the edge of the concrete floor slab or grade beam, allowing wall panels to end below the floor level thus preventing ingress of dust or water.

Continuous Beam

A beam that has more than two points of support.

Continuous Ridge Vent

Two or more ridge ventilators mounted on the building ridge that allows air circulation. See also Ridge Ventilator.

Corner Column

A column at any corner of a building. Corner columns may be primary rigid frame columns or post-and-beam columns.

Counter Flashing

Trim used to connect the sidewall sheeting of a main building to the roof sheeting of a lower building.


A machine designed to lift and/or move material by means of a hoist.

Crane Beam

A beam that supports an overhead traveling bridge crane. On under hung bridge cranes, it also acts as a crane rail. Also known as a Crane Runway Beam.

Crane Bracket

Structural support welded to the primary building frame to permit attachment of a crane runway beam. See also Bracket.

Crane Bridge

One or two girders or box sections supported on end carriages. See also Bridge Crane.

Crane Capacity

The maximum weight a crane can safely lift. Crane capacity depends on the standard design of the crane components and their supports.

Crane Rail

Rail welded or bolted to a crane beam forming the track on which the bridge crane wheels travel.

Crane Stopper

A small vertical member welded to the top of the crane beam to stop the crane bridge at the end of the crane run area.

Cross Section

A view formed by a plane cutting through an object usually at right angles to its axes.


Raised flashing around roof openings to form waterproof openings. See also Roof Curb.

Curved Eave

Curved panels provided at the eave.

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