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The manufacturing process usually performed in a plant to convert raw material into finished metal building components. The main operations are cold- forming, cutting, punching, welding, cleaning and painting.


An accessory whose function is to enhance the appearance of a wall. Also used to cover the eave or gable of a building.

Field Work

Modification or rectification carried out on site.

Fin Neck Bolt

Flat dome headed bolt used in framed openings, fascias, and mezzanines.

Finished Floor

Top of the concrete slab or the finished concrete surface.

Fixed Base

A column base that is designed to resist rotation as well as horizontal or vertical movement.


The projecting edge of a structural member.

Flange Brace

An angle member extending between girts or purlins to the inner flange of columns or rafters respectively, to provide them with lateral support and stability.


A sheet metal closure used to provide weather-tightness in a structure.

Flowable Mastic

Supplied in a nozzled cartridge. Used to seal overlapping flashing, gutter joints, etc.

Flush Mounted

A girt system where the outside flanges of the girts and columns are flush. The girts are supported by the use of girt clips bolted to the column webs.


Reinforced concrete base that provides support for a column.


The action of one body on another body which changes or tends to change its state of rest or motion. A force may be expressed in Kilo Newton(s) (kN), or other similar units.


The substructure, which supports a building or other structure. Usually constructed in concrete.

Framed Opening

Framing (headers, sills, and jambs) and flashing which surround an opening in a building. Usually provided to accommodate field installed accessories such as sliding doors, roll-up doors, etc.


Primary and secondary members (columns, rafters, girts, purlins, brace cables, etc.) which when connected together make up the skeleton of a structure to which the covering can be fastened.

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