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Back-up Plates

Additional plates used in connections to provide sufficient bolt grip, allow for erection tolerances, or increase strength.

Base Angle

A continuous angle fixed to the floor slab or to the grade beam to enable the attachment of wall panels.

Base Plate

The endplate of a column, which rests on the supporting substructure surface.


The space between the centerlines of frames or primary supporting members in the longitudinal direction of the building. Also called Bay Spacing or Bay Length.

Bead Mastic

A sealant furnished in a continuous roll, normally used for sealing end laps of roof panels. See also End lap Mastic.


A horizontal structural member designed primarily to resist moments.

Bent Plate

A plate bent to form an angle.

Bill of Materials

A list of items or components used for fabrication, shipping, receiving, and accounting purposes.

Bird Screen

Wire mesh used to prevent birds from entering the building through ventilators, louvers and roof monitors.

Blind Rivet

A small headed pin with an expandable shank for joining light gauge metal. Typically used to attach flashing, gutters, etc. Also referred to as a Pop Rivet.

Brace Grip

Galvanized steel strands formed into a helical hairpin shape that is wrapped tightly on the strand at the end of the cable brace.

Brace Rods/Cables

Rods or cables placed diagonally in the roof and walls for the purpose of transferring wind loads to the foundations and longitudinally stabilizing the building.

Braced Bay

The bay where bracing is provided.


A structural support projecting from a column or rafter to which another structural member is fastened. Example: Brackets supporting crane runway beams.

Bridge Crane

Overhead traveling crane supported by rails which are in turn supported by crane runway beams.


A general contractor or sub-contractor responsible for providing and erecting pre-engineered buildings.

Building Codes

Regulations developed by recognized agencies establishing minimum building requirements for licensing, safety and functionality purposes such as setbacks, fire regulations, spacing and clearances. Building codes usually address acceptable design codes. An example of a building code is the Uniform Building Code (UBC).

Building Width

The lateral width of the building measured from out to out of sidewall steel lines.

Built-up Section

A structural member, usually an "I" shape, made from individual flat plates welded together.

Butt Plate

The end plate of a structural member, which usually rests against a similar endplate of another member to form a moment resisting connection. Also called Splice Plate, End Plate, or Cap Plate.

By-pass Girt

The girt, which passes continuously along the outside flanges of the columns.

By-pass Mounted

See Exterior Mounted.

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