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Walk Door

Walkdoors can be provided as pre-assembled or knock down (field assembled). Metal Building Depot provides solid doors for both options in the following sizes: 3070, 4070, and 6070. The walkdoors are typically keyed alike per project. Because of unknown variables, Metal Building Depot does not offer fire rated doors or doors to fit in masonry.

Features of the pre-assembled doors are as follows:
  • Foam insulated specifically designed for metal building use.
  • Pre-assembled and self-framing for ease of installation. No framed opening required if Metal Building Depot standard girt spacing is utilized.
  • Doors are finished in a two-coat primer and finished with white paint.
  • Doors are shipped in wood crates for protection.
  • All doors have Grade 2 lever locks as standard.
  • Hinges are ball bearing and powder coated.
  • Insulated jambs.
  • 3070 and 6070 doors are made of 20-gage material, 18 gage is available.
Features of the knock down doors are as follows:
  • Foam insulated specifically designed for metal building use.
  • The walk door is shipped knocked down for field assembly.
  • Doors are textured 20 gage galvanized prime painted and pre-finished in white paint.
  • Weather stripping and standard entrance lock is included.
  • The walk door package is shipped with polybag and full cardboard carton.
  • All doors have Grade 2 lever locks as standard.
  • Hinges are ball bearing and powder coated.
The pre-assembled and knock down walkdoors are available with the following accessories at an additional cost:
  • Panic levers for standard locksets.
  • Lever locks (Grade 1 available).
  • Mortise locks with knob as standard; lever available upon request.
  • Half Glass with tempered, wire, or insulated glass (24" x 30").
  • Narrow Lite with tempered, wire, or insulated glass (6" x 30").
  • Vision Lite with tempered, wire, or insulated glass (16" x 16").
  • Heavy duty closer as standard when requested.
  • Latch guard.
  • 18 gage door leaf - (4070 doors are always 18 gage).


Metal Building Depot Building System's window is an extruded aluminum frame unit designed specifically for metal building use. The window comes completely assembled for ease of installation. The window is self-flashing. The head and sill trim are factory attached to the window frame. The universal jamb pieces are "snapped" in place without the use of fasteners and work well with all Metal Building Depot standard panel profiles. The window frame features a ¼" polyurethane thermal barrier and the windows are glazed with ¾" insulated glass. The window finish is prime painted and finished with white paint. The windows are individually crated for shipping.

Metal Building Depot has windows available in the following sizes:

Horizontal SliderFixedFixed / Project-In

Special window sizes and other types are available from Metal Building Depot on special order for additional cost and possibly longer delivery.

Sky Lights

Metal Building Depot Sky Light

The Metal Building Depot sky light is an economical method of allowing natural lighting into your building. Sky Lights are commonly used for wall applications in lieu of roof. The sky lights are field installed with self-drilling screws and 3/8" grommet seal fasteners (field drilling required). The sky lights are available in 5'-0" and 10'-0" nominal lengths as a standard. The panel at the end of any wall with sky lights will be a full height metal panel for better corner trim attachment.

Ridge Vent

Ridge vents come completely assembled for ease of installation. Ridge vents supplied by Metal Building Depot are of a low profile design to provide gravity type ventilation. Because gravity ridge vents are designed to allow free airflow, some penetration of water during blowing rains is to be expected. Standard available finishes for the ridge vents are polar white and galvalume. Other colors may be available at an additional cost. The ridge vents can be used both with "Classic" and "CFR" roof systems. Nominal ridge vent length is 10'-0". The ridge vents have flat skirts for both "Classic" and "CFR" roof systems and are attached to the major ribs (or End Dam on the CFR) with self-drilling screws. Ridge vents are available with 9" and 12" throats. Bird screens are provided as a standard. The ridge vents can be ordered as continuous or single units. Exterior parts are 26 gage painted or galvalume. Interior parts are all made of G90 galvanized steel. The substructure consists of 10 gage saddle straps with interior baffles of 24 gage steel. Lifter arms and damper slides are made of 18 gage steel. Manual operation is through activation of a pull bar which is attached internally to bell cranked type lifter arms connected to the damper with Teflon coated pins through the damper slides. Dampers are spring loaded to remain in the open position until the pull bar is operated and locked in the closed position. Dampers operate in a vertical manner. Each vent is opened by a pull chain that extends approximately 12" below the roof unless noted otherwise on the order documents. Other opening mechanisms are available at an additional cost upon special request. Ridge vents should not be placed closer than 5'-0" to the endwall steel line to allow room to properly flash the building. For example, a 90'-0" long building with ridge vents required the entire length should have no more than (8) units. The ridge vents are available with the following accessories:

  • Single unit w/ screen and damper (center pull 10'-0" - chain package)
  • Single unit w/ screen (no damper)
  • Continuous unit w/ screen and damper
    • Hand pull (3 units max. - 35'-0" plastic coated cable)
    • Chain hand pull (3 units max. - chain)
  • Continuous unit w/ screen (no damper)
The items noted in bold print are Metal Building Depot standards. If other options are required, you will be required to specify these requirements on the order documents.

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